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SURVEY REPORT: The Relationship Between Cannabis Use and Sexual Experience

Cannabis makes sex better

In August 2023 we started a survey of cannabis users to verify the claim that cannabis consumption made sex better – we’ve always believed it did but was this a popular opinion or even… a fact? Does cannabis consumption truly improve the sexual experience for the majority of us?

What started as a light-hearted joke between members of the Premium Cultivars team resulted in a survey with a respectable – and statistically relevant – sample size of 951 users polled.

The source of our polling data is a combination of our customers and users of the GrowDiaries platform, so it’s worth noting at this point that US homegrowers make up the majority of the 951 users polled.

In building the survey we identified criteria to help establish the demographics and habits of our users.

These were as follows:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Consumption regularity
  • Introductory consumption age
  • Preferred consumption time
  • Relationship status
  • Partner consumption preference
  • Partner consumption tolerance preference
  • Partner consumption attractiveness
  • Generosity with THC products
  • Improved sexual experience with THC
  • “Sex is better whilst high” agree/disagree?

Age of cannabis consumers

  • Peak demographic is 41-50 (representing 31% of users polled)
  • An additional 31% of users polled are over the age of 50

Gender makeup of cannabis consumers

  • Overwhelmingly, 87.4% of the users polled identify as male

Regularity of cannabis consumption

  • Of users polled, 79.6% consume THC (whether smoking, eating, drinking etc) every day
  • As few as 2.4% of users polled only consume THC once a year

Introductory age of cannabis consumption

  • 78% of users polled first started to consume cannabis below the age of 20
  • The second largest demographic for consumption introduction is 21 – 30
  • At least 91% of users polled had been introduced to cannabis by the time they turned 31

Preferred consumption time

  • Overwhelmingly, users polled preferred to consume cannabis in the morning
  • By the time evening arrives, at least 60% of users polled have already consumed cannabis

Relationship status of users polled

  • 68.8% of users polled are either in a relationship or married

Cannabis consumption preference in relationship partner

  • A slim majority of users polled have no preference on whether their partner is a cannabis consumer or not
  • Of those with a preference, overwhelmingly, the preference is in favor of cannabis consumption

Attractiveness of cannabis consumption in a romantic partner

  • A slim majority indicates cannabis consumption is neither a positive nor negative in assessing the attractiveness of a romantic partner

Generosity and scarcity of cannabis in a relationship

  • An overwhelming majority of 89.9% of users polled indicated they would give their last bit of cannabis to their partner if requested

Improved sexual experience under the influence of THC

  • Users polled indicated overwhelmingly (61% agree) that they considered sex to be better whilst under the influence of cannabis
  • Fewer than 8% of persons polled didn’t believe cannabis made sex better

  • Users indicated they believe their sexual experience is improved under the influence of THC


Picture of Sam North

Sam North

Sam North is a content writer with a passion for everything cannabis. After working multiple seasons on weed farms absorbing the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation and culture, he decided to transition into a role that would allow him to work from anywhere, anytime. Sam now writes for multiple weed publications. He has extensive experience with a wide range of canna-agriculture styles, from smaller artisanal farms to large-scale commercial operations, and is here to share his knowledge to give you all the best chance of cultivation success. About this Author

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