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How to grow Cannabis

Want to learn more about growing cannabis? Look no further!

Cannabis strains
Premium Cultivars sells a lot of seeds, which means it can be difficult to choose the best strain. Here you will find profiles of our cannabis strains and top 10 lists.
Grow techniques
Becoming a better cannabis cultivator can take time, however, one sure way to improve is by using different grow techniques, learn everything about plant training, and more here.
Growing Basics
Are you just starting out on your growing journey? Learn all the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation here.
Growing environment
It’s not enough to just have your seeds, you need grow medium, lights, fans, and more while also monitoring temperature and humidity. Learn how to maintain a conducive grow environment here.
Growing indoors

For most people, indoor growing is the most practical way to grow cannabis. Learn about grow rooms, tents, lighting, and everything else here.

Growing outdoors
While not everyone has the luxury to grow outdoors, those who do have a great opportunity to achieve wondrous results. Learn all the best tips and tricks for outdoor cannabis here.
Plant probleMs
Throughout the grow cycle, cannabis plants can experience many different issues such as deficiencies, diseases, and even pests. Fear not, here you will find everything you need to solve plant problems.
Plant science

The science behind general plants is complex and cannabis plants are no different. Learn about different parts of cannabis plants and the different plant functions here.

Stages of growth
From germination to seedling to vegetative to flowering and beyond into harvesting – learn everything about the different growth stages of a cannabis plant here.
Water and nutrients

Learn how to feed cannabis plants as well as gain knowledge about water and nutrient requirements and what can happen if your plants don’t get enough.

Cannabis culture

More cannabis articles

Keep reading amazing texts about cannabis and how to improve as a grower!

Pruning Cannabis

The Ultimate Guide to Pruning Cannabis

Pruning cannabis is a hotly discussed topic in the cannabis world. One viewpoint claims that purposeful, regulated pruning can significantly enhance yields. At the same time, the other feels that cannabis plants are more prolific when left to retain all of their sun-kissed greens.

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Cannabis Strain reviews

Want to know everything about an specific strain before you grow it?

The Best Weed Strains of 2023

What are the best weed strains of 2023? We asked growers, breeders, industry experts and general enthusiasts to pick the very best!

What Are F1, F2 and S1 Seeds?

Explore the captivating world of F1, F2, and S1 cannabis seeds, and unravel the mysteries encoded in their DNA. Discover the stories of resilience, adaptation, and botanical wonder.

What Are F1 Hybrid Weed Seeds?

F1 weed seeds are all about breeding within genetic lines to create homogenous results. Cannabis strains with uniform genetic traits are truly a thing to behold.

What Are Landrace Strains?

Landrace strains are the primordial soup from which all modern cannabis strains originated. Find out about these legendary strains here.

What Is Blue Cannabis?

Blue cannabis or blue strains are curious if not common. Use our list here to find out the best blue weed strains.

What is The Duck foot Strain?

The duck foot strain and other variations are a unique type of cannabis that display different leaves. Find out about ducksfoot strain here.

Best Cold-Resistant Cannabis Strains

Cannabis plants are tough but find it challenging to thrive in cold climatic conditions. Here, you will find some of the best cold weather strains, especially if you plan to grow cannabis outdoors.

Cannabis Strains That Grow Small

Find the best short cannabis strains here. Check out our list of the most amazing short height strains right here and grow small indoors.


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