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Grow Techniques

Grow like a cannabis master

Pruning Cannabis

The Ultimate Guide to Pruning Cannabis

Pruning cannabis is a hotly discussed topic in the cannabis world. One viewpoint claims that purposeful, regulated pruning can significantly enhance yields. At the same time, the other feels that cannabis plants are more prolific when left to retain all of their sun-kissed greens.

HST High Stress Training

Ultimate Guide to High Stress Training

Looking to maximize your cannabis yields? Enter the world of High Stress Training (HST), the secret sauce for mammoth bud production.
High Stress Training or HST is a cannabis plant training method to help you get the best possible yields. Find the ultimate guide to HST here.


Grow Techniques

It takes time before one becomes an experienced cannabis cultivator. However, using tried and tested gardening techniques can help bridge the learning-time gap.

Whether you are looking at pruning techniques like schwazzing which is easier to do or mainlining cannabis which is a little more advanced – you can learn here.

Bending plants in aggressive ways like high stress training can be terrifying to try at first but luckily we have a guide to help you take this next step. There are also less risky but far more arduous techniques like the ever-popular SCROG.

This category will show you how to train your cannabis plant like a pro. Read on to understand these amazing techniques for better yields here.

Better still, most of these techniques work well for growing autoflowers and feminized seeds.


Most cannabis cultivators use the lollipopping method to grow plants indoors. Lollipopping is the process of removing side branches and tiny low branches from your plant. Once the small branches are removed, your plant will be able to focus all of its energy on the main branches. It is very comparable to pruning cannabis plants and trees regularly. Lollipopping allows the plant to concentrate its energy on the larger buds at its top. Lollipopping will remove the extra, unwanted parts of your cannabis plant, allowing your young plant to focus its energy on growing bigger buds and producing better yields in the end.


Topping is a gardening technique similar to fimming. Topping is the process of cutting off the top of your plant to enable it to develop thicker and fuller. Cutting the top of a perfectly healthy plant may seem like a crazy idea, but it is a proven method used by farmers of many plant types. Rather than your plant developing tall and skinny, topping will cause it to grow bushier, resulting in you getting the biggest yield outdoors. Topping makes the plant wider, which means that more of the plant is directly under the lights, allowing the entire plant to grow stronger. Because topping cannabis plants causes stress for your plant, you will need to add extra time to the vegetative phase.

Low Stress Training (LST)

Low Stress Training entails steadily bending the branches to develop in a specific direction. This is comparable to wearing braces on your teeth. You may be curious if it is acceptable to stress cannabis plants, but the truth is that plants, like our teeth, can be stressed! We stress plants to bend their stems into a shape that best fits the room available and ensures they grow in the right direction. This can help you boost yields while also making the most of your indoor or outdoor garden area.

Sea of Green

Sea of Green is a technique that lets people grow many small plants rapidly. In a Sea of Green (SOG), you place many small plants very close together in your cultivation space. You may limit their growth space by packing them tightly, but you also ensure no wasted light or wasted space in your tent. The plants require very little time to grow and enter the bud phase when using this method, allowing you to harvest your plant quickly. Because of the limited space, you will need to do far less trimming of cannabis plants because small branches are less likely to grow and pull energy away from the main plant.

SOG vs SCROG is a common conundrum for growers as the techniques are quite similar.

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