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Plant Problems

Troubleshooting and problem solving

cannabis purple stems

Cannabis Purple Stems

Cannabis purple stems can indicate stress, nutrient deficiency, pathogens, or simply genetics. Continue reading to determine when you should be concerned about cannabis purple stems.


Plant problems such as diseases and nutrient deficiencies can be challenging for a rookie cannabis grower to identify. In this article, you learn every aspect of plant problems, including troubleshooting and solving the problem. Significant issues such as root rot in cannabis and different cannabis deficiencies are a few of what you get to learn here. You can learn how to maintain healthy cannabis seedlings and maintaining plants in general, keeping them free from illness.

Significant issues in this category would be bud rot, and the various nutrient issues like cannabis zinc deficiency, cannabis iron deficiency, calcium deficiency in cannabis and nitrogen deficiency in cannabis.

White powdery mildew on cannabis plants

White powdery mildew is a common plant problem but not the easiest to identify. It can occur as white spots on fan leaves, but it appears grey on immature plants. Establishing the causes of white powdery mildew on cannabis can help you prevent this problem from developing. Fortunately, getting rid of white powdery mildew is usually straightforward; using water and a paper towel.

Root rot in cannabis plants

Root rot is a disease that attacks the roots of a plant, as the name suggests. It can develop any plant, including cannabis. When it occurs, it can destroy your plants and ruin your harvest. Knowing the symptoms of root rot in cannabis can help you establish whenever there is a problem. The good news is that you can treat root rot if it attacks your outdoor or indoor plants.

Common cannabis pests and bugs on cannabis

Bugs always find a way into your garden, and they are the most annoying pests that most cannabis growers deal with. There are various types of bugs on cannabis plants with various degrees of damage. Prevention is the best strategy for dealing with pests, including knowing the different pests and diseases to identify them quickly. Regular use of insecticides on your plants is also an effective way to get rid of cannabis pests.

Different cannabis deficiencies

Like all plants, cannabis requires essential nutrients to reach its highest production levels. Although it is a resilient plant, nutrient deficiencies can harm cannabis and affect your yields. For this reason, growers need to understand the nutrient requirements for cannabis to promote plant development. Some of the signs of cannabis deficiencies that you should look out for include drooping and discoloration.

How to maintain healthy cannabis seedlings

Cannabis plants are most vulnerable during their seedling stage. For this reason, it is essential to create a suitable environment where they will thrive. Understanding the perfect setting for healthy cannabis seedlings is one of the things you should know. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and life cycle are essential variables to look at. Looking out for common cannabis seedling problems such as stretching and damping-off cannabis helps you ensure the plants are healthy.

Silicon deficiency in cannabis

Silicon insufficiency rarely occurs in cannabis, but when it does, it results in weak stems and leaves. The common symptoms for silicon deficiency in cannabis occur in parts of the plant, such as the leaves and roots. You can also tell that your plants lack silicone if you notice abnormal growth. Knowing the causes of silicon deficiency is the first step to preventing this nutrient deficiency.

Copper deficiency in cannabis

Copper is an essential nutrient for cannabis plants as it prevents discoloration, such as the yellowing of leaves. It also facilitates growth and keeps a plant alive. Although it is a rare problem, copper deficiency may develop if the soil or water has inadequate copper. You can identify copper deficiency in cannabis by looking at the leaves. Fortunately, you can solve the problem by adjusting the PH to the proper range and providing the plants with appropriate nutrients.

Throughout the growing cycle, cannabis plants can experience many different issues such as deficiencies, diseases, and even pests. Fear not, here you will find everything you need to solve plant problems.

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