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Micro Growing Cannabis – The Ultimate Guide

Micro Growing cannabis

Micro growing cannabis is a great idea if you’re short on space. Manage expectations in terms of yields, find a space and get growing.

The basics of micro-growing cannabis

Here is all you require to comprehend how to micro grow;

The right amount of soil

Micro growing cannabis is often done using soil since installing a soilless or hydro system in a room as tiny as a mini-fridge might be problematic. To address the shortage of area that characterizes a micro grow, use less soil to keep your mini cannabis plants from outgrowing their little chamber or tent. The root system is an essential aspect of the plant, and its size influences how tall the plant grows. Most plants take up the same amount of area below ground as they do above ground.

In a micro grow setup, you may regulate the development of our cannabis plants and adapt it to the geographical limits by using the link between the size of the root system (therefore, the amount of media) and plant size.

The size of the plant’s root system has a significant impact on how tall it will grow. Generally speaking, most plants take up the same area both above and below the surface. The root system size and plant size are correlated in micro growing cannabis. You may utilize this connection to regulate the development of your small cannabis plant and match it to your space constraints.

Feeding a smaller cannabis plant
Feeding a micro cannabis plant in soil.


The size of the containers you plant indirectly impacts how huge the plants can develop—the greater the container’s size, the larger the plant, and vice versa. Keep in mind that the strain you’re cultivating will significantly impact how well it takes being compressed into a confined space. Small pots are recommended for small indoor grows to avoid the plants taking up too much room. Smaller pots may require more frequent watering since the soil cannot store many nutrients. If your pots are too large, you may experience overwatering problems.

Can you micro grow cannabis in soilless mediums?

Yes, micro growing cannabis bud is allowed in a hydro system, but it will be more difficult than in a soil medium. Because of the limited area, look for the smallest cannabis plant.

Finding the perfect grow light

Light is required for all plants to grow. This includes cannabis plants. However, adequate lighting is necessary to cultivate cannabis plants that flourish and create significant yields in a compact or small cannabis grow setup. The first factor to consider is wattage. You want 400 Watts on average for every square meter of micro grow cannabis area. You’ll also need to choose your lighting. When growing a small marajuana plant, there are several light sources to select from, including HPI, HPS, and CFL lights, but LEDs are the ideal choice for a small grow setup. When it comes to producing a small marajuana plant, LED lights are pretty effective and efficient. They emit very little heat and have a complete light spectrum that will cover the whole growth cycle. Their low heat also reduces the demand for cooling equipment (such as air conditioning).

Additionally, you should set the lights as near the tops of your micro plant as feasible so that no space is wasted and adequate light is dispersed to the grow area’s margins. If you have the room, you may also position additional lights along the edges of your plants to ensure that every angle gets exposed.

Managing ventilation 

Whatever the size of your grow room, the ventilation you install must provide lots of fresh air. At least once every 2-3 minutes, the air in the area should be replenished. Even computer fans may be employed in tiny grow rooms. You may use small oscillating fans to circulate the air. You should at the very least have an exhaust fan. Fresh air is taken in to replace stale, humid air as it is drawn out. Always put the exhaust on top and the inline on the bottom. Remember that warm air rises.

Since micro grows cannabis often only allows you to cultivate one or two little plants, you shouldn’t need to employ carbon filters to control the scent of your business. However, attaching a carbon filter to the previously described outtake fan is straightforward if you want to be extra cautious. Because the filter must be put in front of your outtake fan, it may take up some space within your tiny grow room/box.

How to water cannabis in a micro grow

Due to the limited area, watering your cannabis plants in small indoor grows might be difficult. Consider this while designing your own cannabis micro grow setup, and try to leave enough room around the base of your plants to water them comfortably. Water splashing up into your plants’ leaves and buds can create fungal troubles, so avoid it. If you’re growing in a genuinely small location—where you can’t move around or have a decent view of your plants—make sure you can remove your plants for watering, so you don’t wind up creating a mess of your space. It is typically not considered that micro cannabis grows to warrant the installation of any automatic watering systems due to its tiny scale. Have the patience to water your mini cannabis plant by hand using a tiny watering bucket or container.

Grow techniques for a micro grow setup

Micro cannabis grow often necessitates smaller, bushier plants. To develop this type of structure and yield excellent harvests in such small places, you’ll need to use specific growth methods, such as LST, HST, or ScrOG, and topping. In the section below, we’ll go over some basic ideas for adapting these procedures to a cannabis micro grow setup.


Topping cannabis is a high stress training (HST) technique that entails the removal of plant components. Cannabis topping disrupts apical dominance by snipping the new growth of the main stem, forcing the plant to focus its energy on the next two branches underneath the incision, which mature into two primary colas. When you trim the tip of your cannabis plant, it grows new branches to replace the ones you cut. This technique causes mini cannabis plants to grow wider rather than taller, resulting in more buds. This technique is frequently used in conjunction with LST to influence ultimate plant form.


Another of cultivators’ favorite training strategies is the screen of green (ScrOG), and you’ll be happy to hear that you can use it even in little micro cannabis plants. If you have a limited vertical area with lateral lights, a vertical screen is one of the greatest methods to create a large canopy that gets a lot of light. Conversely, in a short, horizontal micro cannabis grow cabinet, you may apply ScrOG as you would in a typical indoor garden to develop a dense, even canopy laden with sticky buds when harvest time comes.


LST is a basic procedure that needs you to tie down branches to prevent them from overextending vertically. Ideal for growing bushy plants with a uniform canopy. An excellent technique to boost output by allowing you to position lights closer to more top buds. Low-Stress Training might also urge your plant to develop more side branches rather than grow higher. This is one of the most simple techniques for making the most of a little area.


High-stress training (HST) is a complex procedure solely because, if not done correctly, it might destroy your plants. With practice, though, this strategy can create shorter and fuller small cannabis plants, optimizing your micro cannabis grow space.

When to switch a micro grow space to flower

Once your vegetative plants have grown to half the height of your cannabis micro grow box, you should flip them to bloom. This ensures that the mini cannabis plant has enough area to handle its pre-bloom stretch while not growing too close to the top of your box or room. Keep in mind that the rate at which your plants grow is proportional to the amount of light they get. Plants grown in more light will have shorter internodes, but plants produced in less light will stretch, resulting in more significant intervals between each node. To discover the sweet spot for each of your strains, you may need to experiment with the lighting in your micro grow cannabis room.

Choosing a strain to micro grow

Not all strains flourish in a small cannabis grow setup. Select cultivars with a compact structure. When every inch of room is a luxury, the genetics that create compact plants are crucial. These are top of our list of micro growing cannabis.

Afghan Kush Auto

This fast-flowering hybrid grows to 60-90cm, generally keeping on the shorter side, and produces 18oz. Per m2 in 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest. Expect a lot of resin and that unforgettable pungent terpene blend of earthy, sweet, and spicy scents, making for that distinct hashish that old-schoolers like. This is a highly hardy hybrid, making it a fantastic choice for outdoor use in harsh regions; make sure you give it the fundamentals, and you’ll see great results in no time. This Autoflower will grow compact and homogeneously, making it ideal for people growing in a Sea of Green or trying to fit a larger number of plants into a smaller grow area.

Juicy Fruit Auto

Juicy Fruit Auto is a hybrid with a Sativa dominance. Juicy Fruit is a simple strain to cultivate, perfect for inexperienced growers. As long as you offer the proper growth procedure, these cannabis seeds are minimal maintenance and do not require an abundance of fertilizers.

This strain thrives in a warm, moist, and semi-humid atmosphere, and you can grow small cannabis plants well both inside and outdoors. Juicy Fruit cannabis matures in 8 to 9 weeks and is ready for harvest. This easy-to-grow small strain has a high production both inside and outdoors.

Trainwreck Auto

Trainwreck Auto is an easy-to-grow, quick blooming hybrid that takes nine weeks from seed to harvest and yields 19oz. Per m2 without requiring any upkeep or extra work. This Auto requires no particular care and will grow well without training; however, you may increase yields by spacing out the canopy with any LST technique.

Autoflower micro grow

When growing small cannabis plants, it’s best to use strains that don’t extend too much. Autoflower seeds are frequently the finest selections because they stay smaller than Sativa. Most likely, you’ll want a compact structure with few branches that can tolerate training effectively. Mold and pest-resistant strains are ideally suited to settings and methods that put their toughness to the test. These naturally smallest cannabis plants are ideal for an Autoflower micro grow room. These strains’ genetics ensure that they remain small and are ready for harvesting only ten weeks after planting.

Furthermore, Autoflowering cannabis naturally transitions between the vegetative and flowering periods. Unlike other types, they do not require a specific ratio of light to dark hours to flourish. As a result, there’s no need to worry about utilizing specialist lighting; ordinary LEDs will suffice.

Micro grow yields

Set fair expectations for the time taken and quality of your crop before considering your cannabis micro grow yields. Several factors, like the strain, your feeding, training methods, and your skill level can influence how much you yield from micro growing cannabis.

Based on the light duration and the genetics of your micro cannabis plant, 3–4 months from seed to harvest is familiar (of course). Finally, the cost of establishing your micro cannabis grow box or room will vary significantly. If you decide to develop your own micro grow facility, you can for a reasonable price. Bear in mind that LEDs are the most expensive startup cost.

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