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Why You Should Be Tracking Your Grow in Grow Diaries

Why use Grow Diaries

If you didn’t know, customers are making grow diaries for their Premium Cultivars seeds and tracking the progress of their grows. 

Using a platform like Grow Diaries to track your grow is a great way to not only track your progress but to also learn from any mistakes you make, which you are bound to do particularly first time. Tracking your grow can also help you to identify and understand the techniques, timing, lighting and such other factors that you have made use of.

What is a Grow Diary?

A grow diary is a record of your grow cycle that you should aim to fill in on a regular basis from germination to harvest. Using the online platform, you would first enter the seed strain(s) you are growing then the grow phase, you can start a diary later than seedling and just go back and fill in the info, as well as whether you’re growing indoor or outdoor, what lights you are using and more. 

A great feature of Grow Diaries is how you can list any training techniques you are using as well as leaving notes to detail any problems or strengths observed during the plant training.

How do I make a Grow Diary?

Simply head to and create an account.


From there, simply hit the top right button to start your diary.

Name your diary – ideally using the strain name and the type of seeds (feminized/autoflower) you are using.

Locate the exact Premium Cultivars seeds you are using – all of our seeds are there so don’t worry!

Then select your grow environment of choice – are you growing weed indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse?

Next up is an irrigation system, now the most common ways to water your plants are by hand with a watering can (manual) or having a hydroponic setup. Drip irrigation and aeroponics are also options here.

Something Grow Diaries does which is interesting is allowing users to enter different lighting types as well as light cycles for the different stages of growth. Naturally, from the start you will not necessarily need to enter all the lights you will use, particularly for the later stages, as these can change.

Also, pick your grow medium, you should know this before starting the diary so this part is pretty straightforward.

That’s how to start your basic diary.

What you must do next is update and add the information for each week. This is where you would add the techniques you use as well as any feedback on them.

Also, if needed, on a weekly basis you can make a note of any problems; pests, deficiencies, diseases and such. It is useful for your own learning as well as that of others if you add the solutions and preventative methods used to get around these problems.

Why Use Grow Diaries?

So you’ve followed the steps in this article here and set up your diary but, why? Well, turns out there are quite a few benefits to setting up a grow diary.

Track progress

This is particularly important for new growers but nonetheless helpful for growers of all levels. The idea is that you use a grow diary to track how your plants, and subsequently you as a grower, progress.

The primary use here is that you can understand how different strains grow, their unique growth traits, nutrient requirements, grow time, and such. This is great for improving future grows and also providing strain-specific grow info has one other benefit, but more on that later.

On a more fun note, once you have more growing experience under your belt, it might be a nice idea to look back over your old grows in grow diaries to simply see how much you have progressed.

Learn from other users

Considering that other users are doing the exact same thing that you are doing or are trying to do on Grow Diaries then it stands to reason that you could probably learn a thing or two.

Take some of the more exotic seeds like your Lemon Cherry Gelato seeds or Purple Mountain Majesty seeds which naturally have been grown far less time than the more classic strains, OG Kush seeds, White Widow seeds and such. This means that any first-hand growing information is useful, there are users whose diaries will offer essential insights and tips on growing the more cutting-edge strains.

Teach your peers

Hey, if you’re reading this then there’s a chance that you’re a growing master. You might have grown a ton of times and have a wealth of knowledge built up in that brain of yours, and grow room. But why keep it under wraps? Share the info and help push the community forward by offering your own insights and sharing your experiences on Grow Diaries.

Compare techniques

As mentioned before, Grow Diaries allows you to input different cannabis training methods. Lets say you want to try a couple of different methods in the same grow or on different plants to determine which training method is the most effective or suitable for what you want the outcome to be. 

Let’s say you’re going to fim one plant and schwazz another, the best course of action is to log the progress week by week on Grow Diaries. Using this method, you can see more accurately the effectiveness of each method.

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