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1. How To Build A DIY Grow Tent

DIY grow tents are a great way to utilize space and save money when growing cannabis.

If you want to be a cannabis grower, there are many things to consider. One of the most important factors that influence the success of your cannabis plants is location. Depending on the type of cannabis plant you are growing, you will either be growing cannabis indoors or outdoors.

What is a grow tent?

Cannabis growers do not have to worry about going to extreme measures to manage adversities when growing their cannabis plants. However, although cannabis plants can survive in adverse conditions, it would be wise to build a grow tent that will enable control of growing conditions and thus make the processes straightforward for your cannabis plants to thrive.

There are many benefits to building a grow tent. This structure promotes critical ingredients for the optimal growth of cannabis plants like temperature, lighting, and humidity for growing cannabis.

What is a grow tent?
What is a grow tent?

The best thing about having a homemade grow tent for your cannabis plants is that you can choose a convenient size for you. Although most growers assume that grow tents take up a lot of space, the size of a backyard greenhouse, you can limit your grow tent DIY to fit in a closet or a room in your house. All you need is to identify your needs, commercial or personal, and build a grow tent that fits your needs.  

Building a DIY grow tent: Shelving, the easiest method

If you wonder how to make a grow tent, you need to appreciate that the processes differ depending on the type of setup you need. The adjustable rack or shelving method is the more straightforward to use when building a grow tent. The materials you will need when using this method of making a DIY grow tent include: Fan, LED lights, duct tape, poly, cable tiers, and an adjustable shelving system.

You will use white and black poly as a wall and floor linings in your grow room because the former reflects while the latter absorbs light. The adjustable shelving system is the most costly component of your DIY grow tent. However, you can prevent unnecessary hassles associated with using a PVC pipe rack. The primary issue of using an adjustable shelving system is the space limitation that makes growing tall Sativa strains challenging.

Shelving method: Supplies and tools

If you want to get the most out of your cannabis grow tent, you need access to specific supplies and tools that will enhance the efficiency of your system. Some of the critical components of a DIY grow tent include:

  • Adjustable shelving system

This system provides a platform for your plants and grow lights. Most cannabis growers place their grow lights on the second shelf from the top and leave their plants to expand on the third. As your cannabis plants begin to grow and increase in height, you will adjust the platform, place the grow lights on the fourth shelf, and spread your plants on the third shelf and the ground.

  • Fans

Temperature is a crucial component to control your grow space. Depending on the cannabis strain you are growing, you may need to adjust the temperature to a specific degree that allows maximum growth. Fans are a great way to keep the inside of your grow space breezy and prevent Hugh temperatures that make your plants hot. Fans can also help with ventilation and eliminate any mold that could jeopardize the integrity of your cannabis plants.

  • Duct tape & Velcro

The best way to bind wires together is by neatly wrapping duct tape around a uniform line. After securing the wires, you will use Velcro to attach them to the rack. Duct tape and Velcro help manage the wires in your grow space, leaving more room for your plants to grow uninterrupted.

  • Black and white poly

Every cannabis grower should consider lining back, and white poly material in the insides and outsides of their grow tent. This material can help control the temperature and light exposure in your grow space. The white poly is perfect for the insides because it reflects and directs light onto your plants,  a crucial ingredient for photosynthesis. The black poly absorbs light outside the tent and can also help with temperature management.

  • Grow lights

Although there are different lights to consider for your plants, like fluorescent lights, the most efficient are LED lights.

Building a DIY grow tent: PVC piping, the cheapest method

Although there are many benefits to adopting an adjustable shelving system for your grow tent, some growers prefer to save costs and thus opt for the PVC piping method. Instead of using wires like in the adjustable shelving system, you will need PVC pipes that will act like your DIY grow tent frames. One similarity of both methods is that they require back and white poly, which are the curtains in the PVC piping method.

It is relatively easier and more affordable to use a PVC piping system than an adjustable shelving system. Moreover, there are no height limitations, and thus, you can allow your tall strains to thrive without worrying about space. 

Some of the supplies and tools you will need for your PVC piping system include:

  • Straight PVC piping: Ensure you plan for the proper frames to ensure maximum vertical growth of your cannabis plants.
  • PVC fittings: These tools connect your PVC pipes.
  • PVC cutter: Without this tool, it is impossible to cut your PVC pipes to the right height.
  • Fans: Proper ventilation controls the environment and eliminates any hellacious components that might cause stunted growth.
  • Duct tape and Velcro: These wire management tools seal all the openings and eliminate unnecessary wires that hinder cannabis growth.
  • Black and white poly sheets: These materials provide lining and are the walls attached to PVC frames tents and help in reflection and absorption of light from the environment.
  • Grow lights: A good source of light like LED lights can significantly promote the quality of your buds, mainly since light contributes during photosynthesis.

If you have any questions about building a grow tent, contact a specialist who will offer the proper guidelines for you to follow and reap the highest yields from your grow space.

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