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The Ideal Climate for An Outdoor Cannabis Plant – The Best Temperature for Flowering Stage Outdoors

best temperature for flowering stage outdoors

The best temperature for the flowering stage outdoors is 65-80°F (18-26°C). Cannabis flowers grown at these temperatures develop better. Learn more about the ideal climate for growing cannabis outdoors.

What is the lowest temperature a cannabis plant can survive?

The best temperature for growing cannabis outdoors is broad, and competent cannabis plants can be remarkably resilient. Thus, they can withstand a lot of bad weather while still providing you with plenty of high-quality buds. Outdoor cannabis plants thrive best at temperatures ranging from 20-25 ° C, depending on the life cycle phase. Plants that are in the process of vegetating prefer warmer temperatures because they are in that phase during the peak summer months. Similarly, flowering plants prefer slightly cooler temperatures, as they are typically in this stage around the beginning of autumn.

Meanwhile, the optimal soil temperature for healthy, stable root growth is 15-20°C. However, straying a little outside of these ideal cannabis temperatures will not kill your plants. After all, cannabis grown in the wild isn’t constantly subjected to that perfect temp for growing cannabis. Nevertheless, if you are growing indoors and have the ability to thoroughly control every aspect of your grow, sticking to these temperatures will guarantee your plants fully develop their potential.

Essentials for the best outdoor grow setup

Outdoor cannabis plants do not necessitate the same level of equipment as indoor cannabis plants. When growing cannabis outdoors, the sunlight, rain, and wind provide the ideal environment for healthy cannabis plants. Even though you may not require as many supplies as when growing cannabis indoors, the equipment and supplies you do require are critical to the growth and health of your plant. So, what are the requirements for growing cannabis? Here’s what you will need for the best outdoor grow setup:


A healthy cannabis seed is the foundation of the best outdoor grow setup. Cannabis seeds are a popular starting point for many outdoor growers. Autoflowers are the only sure thing because, in almost any climate, there are a couple of warm months in the middle of summer, which is all autoflower seeds need. Aside from being faster to finish, autoflowers are more resistant to cold weather. If you want to grow a photoperiod variety, look for strains with words like ‘fast,’ ‘early,’ or ‘quick’ in their names. They are the outcome of a cross between a real photoperiod strain and an autoflowering strain.

Suitable location

Another factor is to find a location that receives as much sunlight as possible while remaining wind-free. It’s also a wise option to plant your cannabis close to the wall (ideally made of stone) that protects it from the wind and is warmed by the sun on the north side. Please, do not plant your cannabis in a low spot. The problem is that cold air tends to ‘roll down’ from higher elevations into ground depressions and then stay there. A south-facing slope is an ideal location for your outdoor garden.

Begin seedlings indoors

If mature plants are unaffected by cold weather, young cannabis seedlings are. If the temperatures are too high, they may be shocked. Before moving the seedlings outside, make sure that the summer weather has arrived for good—no ground frosts in the early morning and a cannabis growing temp of at least 15°C daytime.

Young cannabis plant
Young cannabis plant in the pot grown inside

It’s also not a wise option to plant cannabis seeds directly into the ground. It’s best to grow them inside for two weeks, then take them outside for a couple of hours every day to harden them off before putting them permanently out.


As you can develop cannabis directly in the ground, most gardeners prefer to grow it in containers filled with soil or pots for hydroponic systems. Your container should have enough space to allow for root growth but not too much space.

How much cold can cannabis plants handle?

You are not recommended to grow cannabis outdoors during the winter unless you live in a region with exceptionally mild winters and low rainfall, as you will usually end up with ill plants or poor crop yields. If you decide to keep a bunch of outdoor plants during the winter, make sure to follow these tips to keep them nourished and get a great outcome:

  • Keep the roots of your plants warm. Using heat mats to keep soil temperatures above 12°C can help reduce stress on your plant’s root zone and encourage healthy vegetative growth and flowering.
  • Keep your plants dry in case of rain or snow. Keep in mind that any humidity trapped on your plant’s leaves or buds can lead to serious mold problems.
  • Be aware of your deadlines. If you have plants developing outdoors, remember to bring them inside before the cannabis temperatures outside become too cold.

Outcomes of frost and snow

Air temperatures below freezing do not kill cannabis overnight, but they can cause significant damage to leaves, flowers and even branches. They wilt and become brown and mushy in spots, so if there’s a bit of snow or even multiple chilly nights in a row, harvest your buds before then.

Top 3 best strains to cultivate outdoors in winter

White Widow

White Widow is well-known throughout the world for its strong, solid, and consistent growth.

Critical Kush

Handful cannabis plants are as hardy as the Critical Kush seeds. It can thrive in the cold climates of the north.


Skunk has become well-known in the world of cannabis, the media has even targeted it as particularly productive even among high-yield cannabis seeds. In reality, yields in Skunk strains can vary greatly.

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