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American Weed Seeds

Born in the USA – our selection of the very best American weed seeds is here! Buy the very best cannabis seeds for sale in the USA from Premium Cultivars!

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  • Sleepy Joe OG strain cannabis plant. Densely packed with trichomes. Sugar leaves and pistils are also shown on the cola of this cannabis plant. Sleepy Joe OG seeds can be purchased online from Premium Cultivars.

    Sleepy Joe OG Seeds

    28 Reviews
    28 Reviews
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Yield: 3 - 6 oz/ft2
    Yield Time:8 - 9 weeks
    $20 / seed $60.00$199.00

American Weed Seeds for Sale

Some of the best cannabis genetics in recent years have emerged from America. The legal USA grow environment has enabled widespread cannabis growing and professional breeding. This has resulted in some extremely high-quality strains, which Premium Cultivars has bred into autoflower and feminized seeds. You can expect very high yields and divine terpene profiles from American cannabis seeds.

What are American cannabis seeds?

America presently holds the cannabis breeding crown. Legalization has allowed the development of the highest-quality strains on the planet. Our cannabis seeds for sale in the USA are hardier, stickier, and more productive than those you’ll find elsewhere. Also, the finest American cannabis genetics have resulted in some of the highest-grade strains in the previous decade. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Why grow American cannabis seeds?

Our American cannabis seeds for sale in the USA are for gardeners looking for the best cannabis available. These strains also have their own different character, allowing farmers to enjoy the various phytochemical combinations that come with such innovation.

What are the best American cannabis seeds to grow indoors or outdoors?

Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz seeds are among the best on the market. As the Obama Runtz strain grows in popularity, it’s smart to get in early and obtain some Obama Runtz to begin cultivating. Obama Runtz is quickly gaining popularity and becoming one of the most in-demand strains on the current cannabis market. Obama Runtz seeds are a hybrid between Runtz, OG Kush and Afghani that is said to be an east coast cultivar that first appeared in mid-2020. This strain has bright green nugs that are long and grape-shaped. It will entice you with its thick orange hairs and coating of translucent clean trichomes that drip with sticky resin.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that may be traced back to the ever-popular and strong OG Kush, which breeders cultivated on the United States’ western coast. Bubba Kush is one of the easiest cannabis strains to cultivate. Because of its rapid maturity, easy maintenance, and reasonably good yields, it is excellent for beginners. Although experts prefer indoor cultivation, Bubba Kush cannabis seeds may also be grown outdoors.

Rainbow Belts

Rainbow Belts is an Indica-heavy cannabis hybrid formed by combining Moonbow and Zkittlez. Rainbow Belts seeds will develop into compact, rather short plants around 100-180cm tall, owing to their Indica heritage. They flourish both indoors and outdoors as long as the weather is warm and dry, and with a flowering time of only 7-8 weeks, you won’t have to wait long for the harvesting period.


The Moonbow strain, sometimes known as “Moon Bow,” is a well-balanced hybrid strain developed by combining the Zkittlez and Do-Si-Dos strains. Moonbow cannabis seeds produce great harvests for growers whether they cultivate their plants indoors or outdoors. Moonbow seeds blossom in 8-9 weeks on average when grown indoors. Furthermore, growers can harvest moonbow cannabis seeds outside in early October.

Sleepy Joe OG

Sleepy Joe OG seeds were created through careful genetic selection using the parent strains Obama Kush and Nova OG. The plant features a strong main stem and a spate of lateral branches covered in glittering blossoms. The flowers frequently become a deep purple or even black. Sleepy Joe OG is an excellent performer both indoors and outdoors, and the strain will also provide adequate yields. Because of their extended flowering time (between 8 and 9 weeks), these plants may be developed utilizing topping or several other plant training techniques.

What makes our American cannabis seeds special?


Stability in American cannabis seeds is described as high levels of regularity and predictability. Individual cannabis plant characteristics vary just slightly. Stable American seeds are easier to predict regarding future features, even when they are simply seedlings. Genetic stability permits favorable cannabis traits in strains to be stable over generations. The desired characteristics may become dominant, increasing the chance of their continuing presence.

Superb Mother Plants

Cultivating and maintaining cannabis mother plants is a fantastic way to preserve your chosen cannabis genetics for future generations. If you want to duplicate a favored phenotype, mother plants might be an excellent source of high-quality cuttings. Gardeners may benefit from growing healthy mother plants in a variety of ways. During the year, a cannabis mother plant can be a rich source of clones. You may repeat the cycle by taking cuttings immediately after harvesting your previous batch of clones.


Producers no longer have to guess about the sex of their cannabis plants thanks to feminized seeds. They generate better yields than autoflowering and conventional seeds because they cannot produce seeds in their buds. Our big selection of feminized American cannabis seeds is carefully selected so that growers may enjoy the best strains. These cannabis seeds for sale USA are great for gardeners who do not want to deal with the hassle of seed harvesting while still enjoying a crisp flower.

HpLVD Free

American cannabis seeds for sale are HpLVD-frees. HLVd does not injure the plant or give evident signs of infection (such as twisted or yellowing leaves), but it does generate subtle symptoms known as “dudding.” HLVd-infected plants have a shorter height, fewer leaves, and a tighter spacing between nodes during the vegetative phase. Flowering plants infected with HLVd have fewer, smaller, and looser buds in general. Cannabis plants infected with HLVd have half the quality of healthy plants and produce 30% less overall.

Additionally, because HLVd is often spread through contaminated tools and equipment, producers should constantly disinfect their tools before beginning work on a fresh crop. HLVd can potentially be transferred during cloning if cannabis cuttings are taken from an infected mother. Since HLVd symptoms are not always obvious during the vegetative stage of cannabis, identifying virus-infected mother plants may be problematic. This is mostly true if the infection happens later in the plant’s development when the disease is less visible.

What Training Techniques to use with American cannabis seeds

Cannabis plant training refers to strategies for shaping and developing your plants. Cannabis plants are trained to perform a variety of functions. Plant structure may be regulated and altered through training tactics. As a result, many aspects of the plant’s health, performance, and usefulness can be improved.


Trellising plants is the most efficient technique for having huge harvests of high-quality buds. Trellising enables you to train the cannabis plants in the appropriate direction while preventing them from spreading into one another and forcing them to grow outward. Growers achieve this common goal by utilizing the most successful genetics, carefully using nutrients and watering techniques, and pruning and topping plants. Trellising is an excellent strategy for ensuring that all bud sites have light, resulting in an even canopy and providing your plants’ structure.


Topping is the procedure of eliminating the growing tip of your plants. As a result, the growing tip separates into two major colas rather than one. With extra toppings, you may turn two heads into four, four heads into eight, and so on. Not only does topping your plant yield a lot of main kolas. It also promotes the development of the lower branches and plants. Simply topping your cannabis plant once will result in a more bushier shape. By adding a variety of toppings, you are flipping the plant’s natural Christmas tree form. It will look like an upside-down Christmas tree, with most growth happening at the top of the plant, closest to the light source.


Lollipopping is a method of stimulating greater bud development in your plants while suppressing lower growth. Energy is directed to the primary cola areas by decreasing rival growth. This strategy is especially effective when there is no side lighting, and the bottom regions of the plant receive little light. Cutting the bushy bottom growth may help increase air circulation in the plant’s lowest reaches, where humidity occasionally accumulates, usually after watering. This is especially useful for growing bushy plants susceptible to mold or other fungal diseases. This is particularly true while developing in humid environments outside.

Super cropping

One of the most significant reasons for using super cropping is to keep the plant under control throughout the stretch period. If you’ve trained the plant to generate several colas, super cropping might help keep it at a regular distance from the light. The supercropping cannabis strategy can potentially impact plant development in low-light situations. Moreover, super cropping can aid in forming manifolds and mainlines during vegetative growth.

How do you buy American cannabis seeds?

When you’re ready to start growing cannabis, you’ll require to acquire high-yield seeds. First, find a credible seed bank. Buy American cannabis seeds from Premium Cultivars, an online seed bank that offers the best autoflower and feminized seeds at the best pricing. American seeds are available in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24, and bulk purchases. These cannabis seeds for sale USA are also available in any state where they are permitted. American cannabis seeds orders of $100 or more qualify for free delivery. All prospective customers are highly urged to visit the website, browse the American cannabis seeds, and purchase with a credit card.

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