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Cookies Strains

The legendary Cookies fam need little introduction and this category is our tribute to these modern day masters. Buy the best Cookies strains bred from our own genetics!
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Cookies strains have become extremely popular in the modern cannabis world. These cannabis strains originate from the brand Cookies that is very much at the forefront of the cannabis industry right now.

The Origin of all the Different Cookies Strains

Premium Cultivars is proud to present our exclusive range of Cookies seeds inspired by the strains popularized by the brand. That hasn’t stopped us from putting our own spin on the strains and crafting the very best cannabis seeds that we believe improve the original strains, but you’ll see for yourself come harvest time.

Our range of Cookies strain seeds are some of the best genetics on the market, you could even call them premium, and that’s a promise. This range includes six different strains that you won’t find as cannabis seeds anywhere else as well as a cannabis seed mix pack that includes three different strains.

What are Cookies Strains?

Cookies strains are truly top-shelf; you can harvest the finest buds from these cannabis seeds. Our Cookies genetics are based on the original strains but with tireless, extra work done by our breeders to ensure all these seeds are genetically stable and productive.

Although we haven’t bred any of the Cookies strains as autoflower seeds (yet) they are generally pretty easy to grow. So, you can get the best cannabis seeds in the world AND they are easy to grow? That’s right, no catches just premium cannabis seeds at the best prices with genetics designed to make the growing process as smooth and easy as possible.

Are Cookies Seeds Feminized?

Yes – all the seeds in our cookies strains category are feminized seeds. This means that all our cannabis seeds in this category are guaranteed to flower and blossom into beautiful female cannabis plants.

The benefits of feminized seeds over regular seeds are simple; by growing feminized cannabis seeds you eliminate the possibility of growing male plants. For growers looking to harvest buds, male plants are useless as they do not flower like fems and can actually threaten your female plants as they pollinate the girls and force them to grow seeds.

All Cookies Strains

Our six cookies strains are all packed with terpenes and premium genetics, the cookies mix pack includes three amazing strains based on the theme of cookies.

London Pound Cake

London Pound Cake is a productive Indica strain that can be grown with only moderate difficulty. This strain, sometimes known as Pound Cake, was supposedly created by a breeder in Spain buty popularized by Cookies. They combined an Indica strain with the well-known Sunset Sherbet strain. Its progenitor strain, Sunset Sherbert, is also an Indica-dominant strain.

The ancestry of the London Pound Cake strain also includes the legendary Girl Scout Cookies.

Cheetah Piss

Although Cheetah Piss is an oddly named strain, it is certainly no joke. Cheetah Piss is a terpene-rich hybrid strain that can be grown with only moderate difficulty and produce some amazing results. Cheetah Piss seeds combine Lemonnade, Gelato 45, and London Pound Cake 97 strains, a trio of great strains.

The name Cheetah Piss comes from the old classic Cat Piss, although the two strains don’t share anything else.

Berry Pie

Berry Pie is a strong Sativa strain with a beautiful mix of green and purple hues that become prominent once the seeds flower. Outside of its eye-catching colors, Berry Pie seeds flower in only 9-10 weeks and offer quite high yields.

When you look more into Berry Pie seeds, it’s unsurprising that the buds you reap from them are so good. Berry Pie’s parents are the classic Girl Scout Cookies and the legendary Blue Dream.

Georgia Pie

The guys over at Cookies originally bred Georgia Pie. It was created in partnership with Seed Junky Genetics, one of the most famous breeders of the moment. Some of Seed Junky’s more well-known strains are Wedding Cake strain, Ice Cream Cake, and Jealousy.

Georgia Pie is an extremely popular Cookies strain and it’s not hard to see why; a fast-growing hybrid strain that yields some of the most beautiful buds your eyes will ever see.

Apples and Bananas

A bit of an underrated and understated member of the Cookies strains, Apples and Bananas seems on course to finally get the recognition it deserves as it has experienced a boom in popularity recently. Perhaps this is because more people have access and, with these Feminized seeds, people can finally grow their own Apples and Bananas seeds and see what a wonderful strain this is.

Apples and Bananas is easy to grow and comes from a three-way union of Platinum Cookies, Grandaddy Purple and Blue Power. You can get these strains to flower in just 7-8 weeks!

Cookies Strains Mix Pack

Ok, so the Cookies pack actually has nothing to do with the brand, but we’d be remiss not to include this wonderful mix pack in this category because of their name similarities. So, what strains are in the Cookies Mix Pack?

Three amazing strains that can more than hold their own with the true heavyweights in this category. Seriously, this category is stacked!

What Makes our Cookies Genetics Special?


Our seeds are as close to genetic perfection as you can get. We screen and test all our genetics to ensure that you will not find males, duds, or plants that turn hermaphrodite among our seeds.

Superb Mother Plants

All of our Cookies strains are seeds bred from the best mother plants sourced from the finest breeders in the USA. When you buy Premium Cultivars cannabis seeds you are really buying the best cannabis seeds for sale online.


All the seeds you find in this category of Cookies strains are feminized which means they are guaranteed to grow into female plants once germinated. This is our promise to you.

All Premium Cultivars’ Cookies Strain Seeds are Rigorously tested for HpLVD

The Cookies strains are all HpLVD-free strain seeds. Hop latent viroid (HpLVd) is a circular infectious RNA with a single strand. The viroid causes no symptoms in hops. Signs in cannabis and hemp plants are referred to as ‘dudding’.

If you see the symptoms and think your plants are infected with HpLVD, the initial step is to do the screening test. It will confirm or deny your suspicions. If the viroids test positive, remove all affected plants and plants in touch with the sick plant and screen them for viroid infection if feasible. If you discover that all your plants are contaminated with HpLVD, you can go on to tissue culture. It is a comprehensive approach for growing disease-free plants. It entails the application of certain chemicals that destroy the virus while also increasing your production rate.

Premium Cultivars prides itself on our genetics and we perform rigorous tests on all our seeds to ensure they are HLVD-free. This viral infection is rampant inthe cannabis world and, although you run the risk with other seed banks, you will not encounter this problem at all when you buy Premium.

How do you buy Cookies Seeds?

Buying Cookies strain seeds is a simple process. First, confirm if the seeds are available. If in stock, select among the available pack sizes of 3, 6, 12, and 24, then place your order. We accept payment through major credit cards. Deliveries are across all the States in the USA. We offer fast and discreet shipping with free delivery on all orders above $100.

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We want to help you get your hands on the seeds you want, take 20% off your next purchase when you enter your email below!